26 Jul 2019

No. (more details below ) Unfortunately, most “free” WiFi come with multiple issues, here are the common ones and options to mitigate them. 1: You may not be actually connected to the WiFi you think. Cybercriminals are known to create fake hotspots to lure you (and your information) to their system For example, which one […]

28 Feb 2019

For those that are not aware, Cybersecurity now applies to all, and yes that means you too. There used to be a time where only larger enterprises were targeted and that SMBs could survive by doing the minimum (Anti-Virus and patching once in a while), but now data is the new oil and there is […]

15 May 2017

Hi everyone, I am going to sound like a broken record [again]. Ransomware is still alive and well and unfortunately that is [in part] thanks to people that do not follow basic security practices. The latest Ransomware “a la mode” is Wanna Cry, good summary here:  https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/126733 What is really sad and makes me want […]

03 Oct 2016

I was surprised how many people I talked to were not aware of this specific topic so I figured I would shed some light for all. To keep things simple, I will address the business and technical angles separately. First, technology: For those who want to skip this section, here is the high level summary: […]

25 Oct 2012

2013 looks like it will be another exciting year. I was at EMC Forum in Toronto on Wednesday and heard some great news from VCE: the smaller Vblocks are coming! I think this is great news for the Canadian market, the current Vblock offering (300 and 700) are very well suited for the large Enterprise […]