22 May 2020

‘If something works, why change it?’


If this is your approach to some business matters, you may be missing out on huge benefits. With innovation being the norm these days there’s an endless list of resources to consider for your company. They can help you enjoy higher productivity, an improved reputation and even help cut costs. 


We’re not saying everything in your business needs an overhaul. Something as simple as a better communication system has transformed how many companies operate.


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8 May 2020

If you’re running a business, you probably don’t have any free time on your calendar because there’s so much to do. But are you sure your hectic schedule will get you to your business goals?


Here’s our advice to you: make time. Stop. Consider whether the tools you’re using can really help you achieve those goals. Isn’t it time you invest in the latest tech and resources out there?


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25 November 2019

Meeting Room as a Service

Meeting room systems have always been full of issues. In our experience, these are the main ones:

  1. Nobody knows how to use them (so no one uses them)
  2. They never work on the day you need them (so no one counts on them, so no one uses them)
  3. They come with a large upfront investment (so few actually buy them, so few can actually use them)

But times have changed! 

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