I wish I did not have to write this one, but it looks like I must. In these times of chaos, where we all should be focusing on the safety of our families, friends and communities, it appears that some [...]
Meeting room systems have always been full of issues. In our experience, these are the main ones: Nobody knows how to use them (so no one uses them) They never work on the day you need them (so no [...]
Continuing our goal of providing a high-level overview of the things you should be doing to be more Cybersecure, this is part 3 of 5. You now have started to take some decisions on how to protect your [...]
Continuing our goal of providing a high-level overview of the things you should be doing to be more Cybersecure, this is part 2 of 5. Now that you have identified your assets and their “value”, we wil [...]
In the spirit of the Cyber Security Awareness Month, we wanted to do a five part article on the Five Functions of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The goal is to provide a high-l [...]
There as been a lot of discussions lately in the Cybersecurity community around passwords. How long should they be? How often should you change them? Are dictionary words that bad if I use a couple of [...]
As you have probably seen in all the headlines, there is a cyber war going on and the cannabis industry is probably the next victim. Cyber criminals are constantly re-adjusting their target. At first, [...]
Top 5 things you should be doing to keep out of trouble: Patch [everything] Layer [you defenses] Backup [all your data] Train [your people] Enable [your people to succeed by giving them the rig [...]
No. (more details below ) Unfortunately, most “free” WiFi come with multiple issues, here are the common ones and options to mitigate them. 1: You may not be actually connected to the WiFi you think [...]
For those that are not aware, Cybersecurity now applies to all, and yes that means you too. There used to be a time where only larger enterprises were targeted and that SMBs could survive by doing the [...]
I had the pleasure to spend the last week in San Francisco with IBM’s best and brightest at the IBM Think 2019, and pardon the pun, it got me thinking (a lot). I will post a couple more entries on sp [...]
#1: A classic: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is… This one can be hard on Black Friday because there are amazing deals! A 65” 4K at $500 may very well be true, 99% off on your purchase i [...]
2013 looks like it will be another exciting year. I was at EMC Forum in Toronto on Wednesday and heard some great news from VCE: the smaller Vblocks are coming! I think this is great news for the Cana [...]
For a lot of companies, IT is only is a Cost Center; one of those necessary evils you must have in order to do business. Fortunately, this is changing: more and more IT is now viewed as a service cent [...]
Private Cloud is actually a very interesting topic (if you forget all the hype around ze Cloud (<- insert Toy Story alien ooo sound here)). First, let’s clarify what I mean by “Private Cloud” (it h [...]