You may think that digital software and platforms are perfect because we don’t see anything wrong with it at a glance. However, in the backend of software and websites, there are weaknesses that could [...]
Annual SMB Hot 101 Identifies Best-in-Class Global MSP Businesses & Leading Trends in Small and Midsize Managed Service Market JULY 28, 2020: ALCiT has been named as one of the world’s best SMB m [...]
Computers, SmartPhones, tablets and laptops operate on well developed software built by professionals. There are regular updates on software to fix bugs or errors so systems can run effectively. But s [...]
‘There’s an app for that!   This is a popular saying and yes, there are apps to perform a multitude of functions for consumers AND businesses these days. Apps make life easier. They boost workflow. [...]
Spoiler alert: yes. Last month, here , we looked into phishing and some of the actions you could take to protect yourself. This month, we want to dive a little deeper into what makes email so dangerou [...]
The device most people carry around with them all day is swiftly becoming one of the biggest threats around. A mobile device, SmartPhone or tablet. With criminals continuously looking for soft targets [...]
When you hear the term ‘encryption’ you probably think ‘security’. That’s a fair enough assumption because encryption is how most of today’s online traffic is kept protected. The problem is that this [...]
The term ‘phishing’ has become rather common, hasn’t it? And we’re not talking about discussions between IT experts. After years of reports, studies & information sharing, consumers know the term [...]
Let’s start at the beginning: What is phishing?   Wikipedia provides us with a good starting point: “Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords [...]
BUSINESS OF CANNABIS TO BE “PROTECTED BY” ALCiT Managed IT firm to provide ongoing insights and tools to cannabis industry through BofC channels TORONTO, JUNE 12, 2020 — Business of Cannabis, the pr [...]
‘If something works, why change it?’   If this is your approach to some business matters, you may be missing out on huge benefits. With innovation being the norm these days there’s an endless list o [...]
While technology has brought society many benefits over the years, it’s also a reality that these innovations carry risks. This is true when it comes to emails too, with a growing concern that a singl [...]
The conversation usually goes something like this: Hey, company X that (we do business with / my friend works at / we share some clients with…) just got ransomwared and were down for Y days/weeks, is [...]
Certain terms have become commonplace for anyone using the World Wide Web and a business network. ‘Anti-malware’ & ‘Firewall’ are some of these terms and these security features can be found on mo [...]
If you’re running a business, you probably don’t have any free time on your calendar because there’s so much to do. But are you sure your hectic schedule will get you to your business goals?   Here’ [...]