‘If something works, why change it?’   If this is your approach to some business matters, you may be missing out on huge benefits. With innovation being the norm these days there’s an endless list o [...]
While technology has brought society many benefits over the years, it’s also a reality that these innovations carry risks. This is true when it comes to emails too, with a growing concern that a singl [...]
The conversation usually goes something like this: Hey, company X that (we do business with / my friend works at / we share some clients with…) just got ransomwared and were down for Y days/weeks, is [...]
Certain terms have become commonplace for anyone using the World Wide Web and a business network. ‘Anti-malware’ & ‘Firewall’ are some of these terms and these security features can be found on mo [...]
If you’re running a business, you probably don’t have any free time on your calendar because there’s so much to do. But are you sure your hectic schedule will get you to your business goals?   Here’ [...]
A multi factor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires multiple credentials so you can log into a digital account. Since we live in a digital era almost every task we do is performed t [...]
As many of our customers, I am sure many of you are now working from home (if you can) and getting used to the new [temporary] normal. We wanted to provide a couple of tips and tricks to provide a bet [...]
I wish I did not have to write this one, but it looks like I must. In these times of chaos, where we all should be focusing on the safety of our families, friends and communities, it appears that some [...]
If you look at a standard maturity index for processes (such as COBIT or ITIL), they propose five level: Initial Repeatable Defined Managed (and measurable) Optimized With a sixth one being i [...]
Meeting room systems have always been full of issues. In our experience, these are the main ones: Nobody knows how to use them (so no one uses them) They never work on the day you need them (so no [...]
Continuing our goal of providing a high-level overview of the things you should be doing to be more Cybersecure, this is part 3 of 5. You now have started to take some decisions on how to protect your [...]
Continuing our goal of providing a high-level overview of the things you should be doing to be more Cybersecure, this is part 2 of 5. Now that you have identified your assets and their “value”, we wil [...]
In the spirit of the Cyber Security Awareness Month, we wanted to do a five part article on the Five Functions of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The goal is to provide a high-l [...]
There as been a lot of discussions lately in the Cybersecurity community around passwords. How long should they be? How often should you change them? Are dictionary words that bad if I use a couple of [...]
As you have probably seen in all the headlines, there is a cyber war going on and the cannabis industry is probably the next victim. Cyber criminals are constantly re-adjusting their target. At first, [...]