What we do?

We provide our clients with peace of mind. We make sure your IT Infrastructure is up to date, secure and working, and have assembled a portfolio of tools, services and products to deliver that efficiently. In today’s world, technology is essential for most businesses to achieve their goals, but the stakes are higher to do it correctly. A slow network or bad WiFi can slow your employees, or worse, turn away a customer. Also, hackers are now targeting smaller companies for profit and let’s not forget that a significant outage could put you out of business in just a couple of days…

How do we do it??

ALCiT founders originated from large global enterprises where they witnessed the power of technology, tools and automation to properly manage IT Infrastructure. With time, they realized that these tools were not easily accessible to smaller organizations efficiently. They set out to assemble the best talent and toolsets out there because they knew, that that configured properly, those tools could be deployed centrally and that they could be offered in smaller “slices” to customers allowing them the full benefits of their use.

Why do we do it?

Technology can be extremely powerful when allowed to reach its full potential. We were seeing companies that struggled to do things that for us looked simple, but when lacking the right of tools and expertise could prove difficult. So we wanted to make sure they can benefit from their IT investments, after all, technology should work for you, not the other way around. Oh yeah, we also love doing it!

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