8 November 2016

4 sure signs that text message did not come from your bank!

  • By Loïc Calvez
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Hi all, I have been getting a lot of those lately, so I figured I would do a little bit of education since there is a lot of attacks against mobile platforms at the moment (especially Android). So here we go: 4 Sure signs that text message did not come from your bank:

#1: You actually don’t do business with that bank!
#2: Your account is actually not setup to send text messages!
#3: The text does not contain the actual alert/message, it wants you to click on a link!
#4: The link it wants you to click on is hidden behind a URL shortening service (like bit.ly or tinyurl)!

Banks are getting really good at promoting safe browsing practices, if your account is setup to receive text messages, those text messages will usually contain the actual alert with no additional data that could be used to get access to your account (“Your debit card was used to spend $55.55”, “Your password was changed on your online profile”).

But, I am really worried about what the message says and I really want to click on it! Don’t!!!!!

If you think the alert is legit and want to confirm, do not click on it! You have 3 main options:

  1. Take your client card, look at the number on the back and call it.
  2. Find a PC with up to date anti-malware and go to your bank website directly (do not use any link sent by anyone).
  3. Use the mobile app from your bank and connect directly to your account.

As always, standard best practices always apply:

  • Make sure all your smartphone, PCs, applications and apps are up to dates
  • Setup your online profiles for 2 factor authentication (especially your banking ones)
  • That’s it, have a great day and happy browsing!


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